There is a small but growing body of literature on Australian and New Zealand pycnogonids (Hoek, 1881; Haswell, 1885; Carpenter, 1892; Flynn, 1918, 1919a, 1919b, 1929; Calman, 1937; Stock, 1954; Stock, 1973; Child, 1975; Clark, 1972a, 1972b; Clark, 1977a, 1977b, 1977c; Staples, 1979; Hooper, 1980; Staples, 1982; Edgar, 1997; Staples, 1997). Although much work remains to be done on pycnogonids in this region, we are beginning to get a glimpse of their diversity and abundance in the waters surrounding Australia and New Zealand. The most comprehensive paper on Australian pycnogonida is Clark (1963) and Staples (1997) is the most recent comprehensive reference (and key) on the pycnogonids of southern Australia.

Pycnogonida of Australia and New Zealand

This is a working list and is in the process of being updated by removing synonyms and adding locality data. Species are arranged in alphabetical order due to numerous problems with the current classification system.

Achelia aspersa Loman, 1923

Achelia assimilis (Haswell, 1884)

Achelia australiensis Stock, 1954

Achelia shepherdi Stock, 1973

Achelia transfugoides Stock, 1973

Achelia variabilis Stock, 1954

Ammothea australiensis Flynn, 1919

Ammothea ovatoides Stock, 1973

Ammothella biunguiculata australiensis Williams, 1940

Ammothella stocki Clark, 1963

Ammothella thetidis Clark, 1963

Anoplodactylus calliopus

Anoplodactylus evansi Clark, 1963

Anoplodactylus haswelli (Flynn, 1919)

Anoplodactylus longiceps Stock, 1954

Anoplodactylus micros Bourdillon, 1955

Anoplodactylus pulcher Carpenter, 1907

Anoplodactylus pycnosoma (Helfer)

Anoplodactylus simplex Clark, 1963

Anoplodactylus spinirostrum Stock, 1973

Anoplodactylus tubiferus (Haswell, 1884)

Anoropallene valida (Haswell, 1884)

Ascorhynchus compactum Clark, 1963

Ascorhynchus longicollis Haswell, 1884

Ascorhynchus melwardi Flynn, 1929

Ascorhynchus minutum Hoek, 1881

Ascorhynchus tenuirostris Carpenter, 1892

Austrodecus tubiferum Stock 1957

Callipallene brevirostris novaezelandiae (Thomson, 1884)

Callipallene emaciata micrantha Stock, 1954

Cilunculus australiensis Clark, 1963

Cilunculus hirsutus Clark, 1963

Colossendeis macerrima Wilson, 1881

Hemichela longiunguis

Nymphon aequidigitatum Haswell, 1884

Nymphon bunyipi Clark, 1963

Nymphon conirostrum Stock, 1973

Nymphon draconis Child, 1990

Nymphon dubitabile Stock, 1973

Nymphon flindersi Child, 1975

Nymphon immane Stock, 1954

Nymphon molleri Clark, 1963

Nymphon novaehollandiae Clark, 1963

Nymphon rottnesti Child, 1975

Nymphon singulare Stock, 1954

Nymphopsis acinacispinatus acinacispinatus Williams, 1933

Nymphopsis acinacispinatus bathursti Williams, 1940

Nymphopsis armatus Haswell, 1884

Oropallene minor Clark, 1963

Pallenella laevis (Hoek, 1881)

Pallenoides stylirostrum Stock, 1973

Pallenopsis denticulata Hedgpeth, 1944

Pallenopsis gippslandiae Stock, 1954

Pallenopsis hoekii Miers, 1884

Pallenopsis macneilli Clark, 1963

Parapallene aculeata Stock, 1954

Parapallene australiensis (Hoek, 1881)

Parapallene avida Stock, 1973

Parapallene challengeri Calman, 1937

Parapallene famelica Flynn, 1929

Parapallene haddoni Carpenter, 1892

Parapallene obtusirostris Clark, 1963

Propallene cyathus Staples, 1979

Propallene languida (Hoek, 1881)

Propallene saengeri Staples, 1979

Propallene vagus Staples, 1979

Pseudopallene ambigua Stock, 1956

Pseudopallene dubia Clark, 1963

Pseudopallene pachycheira (Haswell, 1884)

Pycnogonum aurilineatum Flynn, 1919

Pycnogonum torresi Clark, 1963

Pycnogonum tuberculatum Clark, 1963

Pycnothea flynni Williams, 1940

Rhopalorhynchus clavipes Carpenter, 1893 (From Torres Straits)

Rhopalorhynchus tenuissimum (Haswell, 1884) (From Port Denison, Australia)

Siphopallene tubirostrum (Clark, 1963)

Stylopallene cheilorhynchus Clark, 1963

Stylopallene dorsospinum Clark, 1963

Stylopallene longicauda Stock, 1973

Tanystylum hooperi Clark, 1977

Tanystylum orbiculare Wilson, 1878

New Zealand Pycnogonida

Achelia transfuga Stock, 1954

Ammothea antipodensis Clark, 1972

Ammothea magniceps Thomson, 1884

Ammothea makara Clark, 1977

Ammothea uru Clark, 1977

Ascorhynchus insularum Clark, 1972

(Snares Islands)

Cheilopallene trappa Clark, 1972

(Snares Islands)


(five species recorded from deep water off New Zealand-see Fage (1956) for details)

Nymphon longicoxa Hoek, 1881

Nymphon maoriana Clark, 1958

Pallenopsis obliqua (Thomson, 1884)

Pallenopsis mauii Clark, 1958

Pallenopsis triregia Clark, 1962

Pycnogonum anovigerum Clark 1956

Pycnogonum planum Stock 1954

Rhynchothorax articulatus Stock, 1968

Rhynchothorax percivali Clark, 1976

Tanystylum antipodum Clark, 1977

(Antipodes Islands, Campbell Island, Snares Island, Stewart Island, Otago Peninsula)

Tanystylum excuratum Stock, 1954

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